“Give people what they need: food, medicine, clean air, pure water, trees and grass, pleasant homes to live in, some hours of work, more hours of leisure. Don’t ask who deserves it. Every human being deserves it.” – Howard Zinn, 1999


In fulfillment of the Online Learning Consortium’s (OLC) Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL), Global Leadership Design Challenge, our team proposes a resource for educators of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Information housed here is designed as Open Electronic Resources (OER) so that educators around the world can apply as well as add to the practices shared. Crowdsourced information will help us stay current and inclusive within diversity, equity, and inclusion (hereafter referred to as DEI) practices in education. We recognize that certain practices are complex and this guide could never be exhaustive as nuances and biases are often embedded within. That said, the premise remains intact: How can I make my teaching and learning experiences more diverse, equitable, and inclusive for my students?

This DEI Practices site has been drafted by Summer Issawi, Samar Mohamed, and Chris Pilgrim and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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